Thursday, July 10, 2014

Forgiveness: Always I will

I was in +1 standard when i experience the real values of love and
forgivness. I love someone very much.not from starting he plays a
game and make me fall in love with him.i was very happy in that days.i
feel like a princess.

like i get things in life but someone tells that all dreams never
comes true so same thing happened with me.he ditch me.he already have
girlfriend to whom he loves very much.i love him very much so i never
want to see him helpless because during some reasons he lost his
love.he breaks my heart but i motivate him and help him to meet him
with his love bacause i just want to see him happy no matter he with
me or not.and after many tries both of them finally come together.

I was happy for him.i left him fully bacause i can pretend but can't
express my feeling to from my all experience i just want to say
people most of the people do wrong with you that not means you also
have to do wrong with something good today i am sure you get
something better in your future bacause of your previous kindness..

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