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Monday, July 7, 2014

Two students and there teacher!!

One day two students of the teacher Chang Hu came to his home. They
sat down at the table as they should. And Chang Hu put a golden cup
in front of one of his students, and in front of the other an old and
cleaved jar. Both the cup and the jar were filled with water. - Help
yourself, - Chang Hu said.

The student who got the golden cup drank the water and with gratitude
bowed to his former teacher. The student, whom the old jar was given
to, looked at the teacher with reproof and asked:

Tell me honourable Chang Hu, do you treat your former students so
differently, that you offer one of them to drink water from a golden
cup and me to drink from an old and cleaved jar? After so much
time spent learning from you, I still can't tell whom you prefer more?
Chang Hu smiled and said:

The golden cup, that for many years is stored in my house, my dear
students, I place before the most honoured guests. Not everyone is
allowed to drink from it, because it is valuable to me because of the
gold. But I myself never use this cup. However, every day I drink water
from my favourite old jar that serves me for so many years with faith
and truth. This jar is valuable to my heart.

I know every crack and cleavage on it. So, my dear students, how I
treat both you, you decide. Remember only one thing, that from the
kitchen utensils in
this house I only have a golden cup and a cleaved jar.

And into both of them, I simply pour water.

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